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موظف لوجستي في مكتب إدلب. رابط التقديم متوفر في نهاية الإعلان

Vacancy Announcement

People in Need is looking for a Logistic Officer– for its Syria Mission based in South Idleb Office

Position: Logistic Officer

Location: South Idleb Office

Starting date: ASAP

End of application: 19 Sep

Line manager: Logistic senior Officer


Supervising daily logistics and procurements activities, providing follow up and maintenance of PIN premises and infrastructure, Providing the follow up and maintenance of PIN equipment, Ensuring the supply for his/her (hereafter referred to as “his”) domain of activity, managing his team, being responsible for material and equipment used by his team


He answers to: Deputy Logistics managers and S.Idlib Logistics coordinator  

He manages: The Logistic and procurements Assistants, Drivers, unskilled workers, 

He collaborates with: all the supervisors, Area Coordinator


A. Supervising the daily logistics activities

Logistics management of PIN facilities

- Ensuring the supply of stationary, fuel, consumable items, hygiene material, etc. for the facilities and departments

B. Providing follow up and maintenance of PIN’s premises and infrastructure

- Seeing to the maintenance of premises and facilities

- Carrying out at least one complete daily visit of the facilities, reporting any anomalies or problems to his manager

- Evaluating rehabilitation needs

- Following up minor building rehabilitation work in accordance with instructions given by his supervisor, and accounting to him/her on progress made 

- Checking that installations and buildings conform to security norms (fire extinguishers present, electrical installations earthed, etc.)

C. Providing maintenance and follow up of PIN’s equipment

Managing the supply and distribution of energy

- Checking that the maintenance and follow up of generators and electrical installations is carried out correctly

- Managing fuel and lubricants for the generators and other equipment in the PIN facilities

- Monitoring the monthly tool and equipment inventories and alerting his supervisor if there are any problems

- Checking that tools and equipment are used correctly

Managing equipment

- Drawing up and monitoring asset inventories in equipment concerning energy, IT and radio communication (communication with the main Log - Navision)

D. Managing and following up orders

- Collecting logistics orders coming from the different departments or PIN facilities

- Drawing up and following orders according to the procedures in force

- Providing technical support to the Log Assistants (WH) on the organization of his parts of the stock

- Receiving the monthly inventory for his stock, drawn up by the Logistic Assistant (WH), in order to monitor consumption and draw up his order

- Following up consumption of equipment and consumable items used by the different departments

- Carrying out a physical inventory of equipment in the different facilities and departments 

Making suggestions for improvements and adaptations in all domains of his activity

E. Orders and supply

- Drawing up orders for consumable items according to the follow up of consumption and the frequency of supply

- Centralizing all the requests for the programme activities

- Passing orders on to the Head of Logistic, with a frequency agreed on beforehand with HoL 

Together with the Logistician (TUR) in charge in the HQ: Following up dispatch, Selecting supply priorities, Checking that orders have been received in the field, Following up outstanding balances

F. Vehicle fleet

- Checking that the standard services for vehicles are scheduled and carried out, as well as daily and weekly checks

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