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فرصة عمل موظف إعلامي لدى مكتب الإغاثية الإسلامية شمال سوريا

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يعلن مكتب الإغاثة الإسلامية /عمليات سوريا / عن الوظيفة التالية:

المسمى الوظيفي : موظف إعلامي مؤقت
تحت إدارة : مسؤول الإعلام
المرجع : MEDIA-SY-024
المكان : مكتب باب الهوى
اخر موعد لتقديم الطلب : 11-Dec-2022


the Media skilled daily worker, main priority is taking quality Editing professional photo and video materials and designing publications and periodic media releases.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

• Image processing and editing

• Processing, editing, and directing video materials

• Designing publications and periodic media publications

• Carry out any other work assigned to it by the media officer

Personal Specification                                                                                                                         

Experience / Education/Skills- Essential

• High school degree at least, A degree in design and editing is preferred.

• Proven experience as a designer in a competitive industry.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and teamwork.

• He has talent and loves to work in the field of graphic design.


Arabic as mother tongue

English reading and writing

IT skills                              

Excellent skills in the use of Adobe programs.

Proficiency in computer applications, internet, and search tools.

Proficiency in MS office and the ability to use the software necessary for information management and reporting. (Excel and word are a must)

Application procedure:

• If you are reliable, service-minded, discreet, dedicated and a highly motivated professional, with a strong commitment to IRW’s values and beliefs, please apply by completing the application form from the following before the closing date.

• Please complete all the fields in the application and submit it before 11th Dec 2022 at 5:00 pm. before the closing date. the deadline, as any incomplete or late application will be refused.

• Submitting this application does not represent any responsibility on the organization of any kind, and the organization has the right to set standards as it deems appropriate for the job according to the information available about all applicants, and to select candidates who will attend a job interview from among the applicants by those standards.

If you have any queries regarding the application, please send them to