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فرص عمل عمال يومية مراقبة وتقييم شمال حلب

 إعلان عن شاغر وظيفي في منظمة IDD

موظفي مراقبة وتقييم مياومين في مكتب ريف حلب الشمالي

 رابط التقديم متوفر في نهاية الإعلان

İnsana Değer Derneği is looking for (M&E Daily Worker) in NorthWest Syria.

Position: M&E Daily Worker

Number of openings: 8 vacant

Duty location: Azaz- NW Syria

End of application date: 22 October 2021


We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing emergency relief to people living both inside and outside of Turkey. We focus on the most vulnerable and crisis-affected people in our areas of operation, in partnership and cooperation with the rest of the humanitarian community and relevant public institutions. In our work, we uphold the humanitarian principles of equality, neutrality, transparency, and accountability at all times.


The Daily Worker will work as a data collector under the line management of team leader in the field (Senior officer, officer).

The Daily Worker will conduct various M&E activities according to M&E systems and reporting any feedback from the field. Through regular field travel, the Daily Worker will also prepare reports to direct manager including field realities and the challenges faced.


Reporting to: 

Technically: Deputy M&E Manger /Gaziantep

Supervisor: Team leader (Senior M&E officer, M&E officer) in the field

Reporting on: Deputy M&E Manger /Gaziantep


Take part in coordination in the field with Senior M&E officer, team members, other departments, local councils or and society representatives.


The main tasks and responsibilities 

Led on the roll-out of MEAL framework, processes, SOPs, & mechanism for all programs in the respective area.

Implement MEAL activities as planned in the MEAL activity schedule including but not limited to:

- Data collection and entry for various interventions implemented in the field and ensure that complete, accurate. 

- Entering the data into databases as collected upon forms or spreadsheets 

- Lead on Translation of data collection tools, datasets, and other documents as requested 

- Lead on Transcription of conversations/interviews.

- Abide by the Standards of Ethical data collection always respecting IDD’s commitments towards stakeholders.

- Conduct CFRM activities as detailed in IDD policies and procedures.

- Provide Field & context input/feedback when relevant and prompted to MEAL team.

- Represent IDD in line with IDD’s efforts to increase and maintain good relations and acceptance in the community in which IDD operates.

- Collaboration with Programs & other departments so as to achieve synergy, efficiency and effectiveness between them thereby maximizing the opportunity for successful implementation and learning when issues arise.

- Work in very close collaboration with Programme teams, following their work plan and adapting MEAL work plan accordingly.

- Prepare and share weekly activity reports with line manager.

• Digitization:

- Check if digital data collection app is installed, set up, and updated on regular basis in addition to downloading up-to-date forms.

• Capacity building:

- Be fully competent in and trained on use of digital data collection apps and every questionnaire to be used in the field.

- Be fully competent and trained on MEAL related themes and concepts. Participate in relevant training provided by IDD

- Support other MEAL staff in learning and building their capacity in themes, topics & concepts with which you are capable.

• Data Analysis & Reporting 

- Provide field perspective on context, limitations, challenges, etc. 

- Stay informed on the reports produced as a result of data collection activities conducted. 


- Lead on conducting CFRM related activities in the field. (CFRM desk, collecting complaints and feedback from stakeholders in the field, information dissemination, etc…).

- Supporting the CFRM team and Accountability team in their activities as per need/when relevant. 

- Keep track of project activity implementation and progress against output indicators as. 

- reported by project teams. 

- Assist in other tasks as required 


- High school education / Bachelor Degree

- 2 year of professional experience

- Some experience in NGO setting whether as staff or volunteer

- Communications skills in Arabic (compulsory) Good level in English (speaking, reading, writing)

- computer literate: comfortable working kobo and Microsoft excel.


- Communication such as active listening

- Teamwork

- Responsibility

- Dependability

- Leadership

- Motivation

- Flexibility

- Patience

- Stress management

- Conflict Resolution and problem solving

- Time Management and meeting deadlines


How to apply: 

Interested Qualified candidates can submit their application through the below link: